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•   Shelli Beck (Fischer)  5/18
•   Dave Edmonds  4/30
•   Denise Dube (Motter)  4/27
•   Rosalyn (Lyn) Galbraith (Schmidt)  4/26
•   Pam Cooley (Newberry)  4/6
•   Bill Bartholomew  4/5
•   Steve Murray  4/3
•   Terry Brandt  4/2
•   Rick Crawford  4/1
•   Janice Hamilton (Pierce)  4/1
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•   Shelley Brown  5/25
•   Jody Miller (Kishpaugh)  5/27
•   Nick Cloyd  5/30
•   Dana Shelton (Fitzpatrick)  5/30
•   Myron Shewell  6/1
•   Lynda Tooley (Kelly)  6/9
•   Mike Marsh  6/13
•   Jeff Roselle  6/14
•   Alan Burke  6/20


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 35.3%

A:   176   Joined
B:   323   Not Joined

South Salem High School
Class Of 1969
Watch for reunion updates on the Facebook group page* and this web site! 

50-year reunion coming up September 7, 2019

MESSAGE POSTED 02/06/19: I believe it’s time to announce that September 7 is definitely the date for our 50th reunion and that it will be held at the Salem Convention Center’s Willamette Ballroom. That should enable people to start planning travel. We can seal our reservation in coming days with a deposit amount we have in hand, and that process is underway. That leaves time for further discussion of what food options are best. If there is some urgency to make the food decision, it's only because our classmates want to know what the price tag will be as soon as possible. We're getting there.  Posted by Colin (Kim) Seymour, committee member

*PLEASE JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE: "South Salem Class of 1969 Reunion" Facebook group page is a place to give us your reunion ideas and see what other classmates are thinking. You can also post your thoughts on this web site.   -Thank you Jody Miller Kishpaugh for kicking off our reunion planning by creating the Facebook group page.


MESSAGE POSTED 02/22/19: Bob Jones has a good outreach idea that I'm hoping someone other than me will spearhead, please: "This may sound a bit tech averse but....50 years seems pretty significant to me so how about this.....Assuming that those that have joined the site have visited the site at least a few times and have observed classmates that are missing....but are limited navigators....were to receive a system email with the link to join the site and a suggestion, if so inclined, to do some sleuthing for the missing so as not to miss this 50th opportunity, that this would perhaps yield some additional connections."  Posted by Colin (Kim) Seymour, committee member

MESSAGE POSTED 02/14/19:  All signs point to our staging the 50-year reunion Sept. 7 at the Salem Convention Center’s Willamette Room, where we will have the smaller two quadrants, 5,400 square feet, plus ample use of the foyer.  It seems to be time to seal the deal.

They provide appetizers and a bar (I think it’s a cash bar).  Rather than include dinner in our package, we’re simplifying by recommending that people who want dinner patronize Bentley’s at the Convention Center or any of several nice restaurants nearby.

This has more or less been the plan for several months. I think we were waiting for alternative proposals from classmates, but there has been no serious counter-proposal that I know of.

We have not yet made our deposit. Though they’ll hold the space with our soft reservation until the end of February, I think we should make the firm deposit this week or next, and Jody is in position to make that happen if we give the go-ahead. Shall we? (You can reply on this web page or the reunion Facebook* page.)  - Posted by Colin (Kim) Seymour, committee member


It’s hard to believe we were seniors in high school 50 years ago. But we might as well face it and embrace it. 

So let’s celebrate. A 50th reunion for South Salem’s Class of 1969 just might top the 40th at Rudy’s or the legendary 20th in Rickreall.

A skeletal committee has found the Salem Convention Center to be the cheapest option for 2019 and noted nearby restaurants may make dining options flexible. The first two Saturdays in September are available.

So there’s a starting point for discussion.  The committee is trying to persuade everyone reading this to join the club to make preparing for our 50th as fun and inclusive as possible.

We can all weigh in on what we want our reunion to be -- on this class website and on a Facebook group page (South Salem Class of 1969 Reunion) that formed recently -- and we can all git ’er done.  - Posted by Colin (Kim) Seymour, committee member


REMINISCING in 2009...

Our 40th class reunion was totally cool, far out, righteous and groovy!

We had a great turn-out for two nights of reunion festivities in 2009!  About 70 classmates showed up at DaVinci's on August 28th for no-host drinks and reminiscing.

The next night 100 classmates, spouses and a few interlopers shared dinner and memories at Rudy's at Salem Golf Club. Live music by "Freefall" brought down the house with classmate musicians Guy Greider, John Martin and Clark Blanchard (and drummer Ron Leach, Corvallis '69). They really rocked the stage!


See classmate comments and announcements below.



Reagan Lee Ryan obituary
Portland - Reagan Lee Ryan was born on July 17, 1951, and passed away peacefully on February 5, 2018. He was the son of Leonard and Joanne Ryan and is survived by his mother, brother (Mike), sister (Linda Wilson), and four children, Shannon, Ashley, Brittney, Rayce, and six grandchildren. Reagan attended South Salem High School and left school to pursue his interest in music. He was a very talented guitar player. He later worked as a carpenter, a realtor, and property manager in Salem. Reagan moved to Portland several years ago and enjoyed spending time with his children, family, and friends. A memorial service will be held at a date to be determined.

I'm sorry to say I just learned that another classmate has passed away. John Thomas died Tuesday, February 6th, after a bike accident. John and family, including his twin brother Bob, all live in the Ashland area.

As graduation passes for the young ones I have to think back to our days. Who was at Ralph's beach for our senior skip days? What a great time, and graduation what a great day when we were no longer obligated to that Big old school and free to roam the world.  -Alan Burke