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Steve Bjorkman

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08/08/09 01:23 AM #1    

Jan Horning

Steve was always laughing. Life was so much fun for him. We went back to grade school days, playing in the neighborhood. He had a way of always making you feel special. Steve was one of those people who will be with in Salem, regardless.

08/12/09 09:17 PM #2    

Jody Miller (Kishpaugh)

I knew Steve for many years - our parents were friends. Forever I will remember how he too blushed and "glowed" when he became embarrassed. And could that guy ski! I remember his army green rain poncho flying down the hill - I'll remember that forever....sorry Steve won't join us this time but we will all remember his smile...

08/27/09 09:18 AM #3    

Robert Curtis

What a character - and that's just for starters. I knew him and skiied with him in HS and college, but really got to know him towards the end of our college days when everyone was focusing on softball. He was a tremendous athlete - but never played sports in HS, believe me - he could have. He was a tremendous skiier, golfer, tennis and softball player. Over the years, he played on several really good teams, and was a fantastic hitter. For someone who was of medium build / stature - he had tremendous power, and ALWAYS swung for the fence. He would hit these long, high, towering shots and the outfielders would lose the ball in the lights. They would circle around trying to find it - and usually drop it! In the summers of 1982 & 1983 (in Portland) I played with him on a softball team that included SSHS alums Gerry Houck, Bill Bennington, Nick fulwiler, Nick Cloyd, and Jeff Roselle (occasionally). Steve (earlier in his career) had played in the outfield, but demanded (from me) that he play short stop in those last 2 years. I'm glad he did. My God.....he had a cannon throwing arm. The first base - men (whoever) could barely catch it. In 1989 I lived with Steve for a year - as I was going thru a career change. We played a lot of tennis and mainly golf that year. He always referred to me as "coach" and Bill Bennington as "the boy". Extremely likable (everyone did) - especially the girls. He was a great salesman and spent his career selling medical supplies - mainly wheelchairs. Successful, but he could be very "easily" taken away from work with the call - let's play golf today. Living with Steve was very entertaining - as he had an endless stream of girlfriends coming and going all of the time! That was Steve. Steve was never boring to be around - believe me. He was married earlier and has one daughter. He re-married in 1999, until the end. Steve was ALWAYS a partier - all of his life, and unfortunately this life style caught up with him May 2008 at the age of 56. I'll never forget him. PS - what Jan said above is true - that's why ALL the girls liked him so much!

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