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Jerry Daley


Jerry Daley (1951 - 2011)

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Jerry Daley

May 3, 1951 - January 25, 2011

SALEM - Jerry was born on May 3, 1951 to James and Montana Daley in Salem, OR. He was the youngest of their 4 children. He was a a life time resident of Salem, where he was raised and grew up next to Bush Park. He attended St. Joseph's grade school, where he joined his siblings in walking to school everyday. He graduated from South Salem High School in 1969.

After graduation, he enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Germany. After 3 years of service, he was honorably discharged in 1973, obtaining the rank of sergeant.

On Dec. 5, 1981 he married Mary DeLeon, and their son, Shawn was born in 1984. They later divorced. Jerry was employed by Silvercrest Manufactured Homes in Woodburn for many years. Working as foreman in the home construction trade, he developed many skills which kept him busy helping any and everyone who asked.

Both parents preceded Jerry in death. Jerry is survived by his son, Shawn; step-daughter, Sarah; brothers, James "Mick" (Linda), Tim (Mary Ann) and sister, Connie (Ron) Moritz; 3 nephews, Mike, Matt and Trevor; 3 nieces, Gina, Michelle and Colleen.

Jerry will always be remembered as a gentle and kind-hearted person. He was a huge baseball fan and enjoyed collecting sports cards and memorabilia. His best times were spent with close friends and family, while camping, fishing, or playing on occasional golf or poker game. His Lab dogs were constantly accompanying him on walks through the park. Jerry will be greatly missed.

Jerry's cancer was diagnosed a year ago. He always had a positive attitude and tremendous courage throughout his treatment. He never gave up. Jerry was 59 years young. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Crown Memorial Center in Salem, and graveside services will be at Belcrest Cemetery on Friday, February 4 at 2 p.m. A mass offering at St. Joseph's Catholic Church Thursday, February 17 at 12:05 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Jerry's name to the Humane Society or Willamette Valley Hospice. A celebration of life will follow at Red and Tana's place.

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02/20/11 09:53 PM #1    

Kathy Mason

Wow.  This is a shock.

My heart is stunned.

Go with God, Jerry.

03/23/11 04:54 PM #2    

Robert Curtis

Sorry to hear it......I had wondered where he was for the 40th - as I did enjoy seeing him at the 30th (Creekside). Kathy - I do remember him dating you at the first part of our Junior year! He had shunned the rest of us for a short time, for you - and his new found buddy Steve Johnson (SSHS class of '68), who we called "GTO Johnson" - because he had a brand new red GTO. They were regular cruisers at the "Arctic Circle" which Jerry referred to as the "Artic". Jerry liked girls - but preferred to hang out with the "guys". I was the same way during HS - and I think that's why we got along so well. Jerry was a very good friend ALL during High School and for several years after (returned from the Army in the summer of 1973) and we re-connected. He was one of those lucky people that DIDN'T go to Vietnam. He was one of the first people from "Leslie" that I hung out with - in the fall of our sophomore year, when we were all integrating. We were regulars at the "PIT"- with the gang. He was quite a "character" and was a bit of a troublemaker, similar to Charles P. Bello, but not quite that severe. They terrorized the likes of Candalaria (Halloween) and MANY other occasions. One night during X-Mas break (our Sophomore year) a bunch of us were up in Candalaria stealing X-Mas lights. Jerry unraveled a whole BIG X-Mas tree of lights that was in someone's front yard. He took off running down the street with the whole string (half a block's worth) - still flashing! The owner came out screaming - and we scattered. The Police came up - and even had some dogs. They couldn't get us. Later - they talked with us at the "Artic" - but couldn't prove anything. For the first 3 months of our Senior year - we rented a house on 13th street (now the Webster House) for parties. Rob Earle was the organizer. He told the landlord that we were students at Willamette. The rent was $50 / month which was about $5 each. The members included......Jerry, myself, Earle, Tom Thornton, Pete Geiser, Rick Ely, Carl Shaw, Alvin Camp, and Lenny McAllister. The house was "conveniently" located just a few blocks from Jerry and Alvin's real houses near Bush park. So.....THEY probably spent the most time there. Jerry worked at "Herfy's" which was ONE block away. Jerry did not get his drivers license - until after he was out of HS. Virtually every Sat. evening.....there would be a pre - function at the house - prior to heading out to either the Armory or V.F.W. hall. Afterwards - we would return to the house for "more" partying. None of the girls could stay out all night - so we played poker. There were many "all night" poker games that JERRY organized - as he loved poker (he taught me). Too many tell here, and we had to shut it down as both the school (skipping) and police (and some mothers of girlfriends) were wise to it. One Sat. night - near the end of it's run, a virtual "Army" of MAD MOTHERS raided the place, to fetch their young (sophomore) daughters from the den of evil. Of course.....Jerry had brought one there (initials D.H. = you'll have to guess!). This is where the majority of the "bottle caps" were collected that got dumped in the front lobby. Jerry was involved in that too. The partying (for the rest of our senior year) moved a few blocks away, between 12th & 13th, to the "SHACK". A warehouse that "HEAVY COMPANY" = Martin, Beardsley, Whittemore, Simons, and Blanchard had rented for practices. The parties intensified, and eventually "we" helped get them kicked out of there too. The owner told them NO PARTIES many times. Their Manager = Clayton Henry (KBZY) hated us - hanging around there "distracting" HIS BOYS. A few days after the bottle cap dumping  (skip days) we had a big camp at Pacific City. It got raided and many M.I.P.'s were handed out. For some reason (probably smart mouth, and he JUST turned 18) Jerry had to spend the night in the Tillamook jail. It was quite an ordeal getting him out of there! Jerry was a good athlete - but never played sports in High School. He did play softball with us in the summer of 1975 - and was a very good player. He liked all sports, but especially liked  baseball. He loved drinking beer with the "guys" after the games - and talking sports, of which he was very knowledgable. We lost touch after that summer ( I moved to L.A. ) - but some really good memories of Jerry. A fun guy. PS = In HS, everyone was into playing Pinball. He was the best player I ever saw (Craig Bonney = a close 2nd) as - he had excellent hand / eye coordination.

04/27/11 02:10 AM #3    

Alvin Camp

Everybody has a best friend from childhood who they have known longer than anyone else.  I lost my best friend when Jerry died.  We have ben friends since we were three.  We came from the same neighborhood,  I grew up on Berry street just a couple of blocks from Clark Blanchad, right next door to John Martin's Grandmother.  I think it was John who inroduced me to Jerry but it could be that we all played together from a very young age.  Jerry's Dad, Red was our mailman and a hero to me.  I spent a lot of time at the Daley's growing up.  Whenever my folks needed to go out of town I would stay with Jerry. We shared in many adventures throughout our childhood.  Jerry was crafty enough to stay out of Jail while I set a new record for stays at JDH.  From the fort to the Webster House, we were always in the middle of things together.  I joined the Navy right out of High School and left Salem behind.  When I would come home to visit my folks, I would always stop to see Jerry.  He treated me like I never left.  We would catch up and try to recapture our youth.  He attended my wedding, I flew in to attend his. I attended both of his parent's funerals, and he stood with me at my Mother's funeral.  I saw the love he had for his exwife Mary and the devotion he had for his son Shawn.  All of us who had a chance to know him are better for it.  I will truly miss him.

On his passing, his son contacted me to let me know.  My wife and I took off for Salem immediately to attend his Funeral. My brother, who also grew up at Red and Tanna's, came too.  It was good to visit with Mick, Tim, Connie, and their families,  and to visit with Shawn and his Mom.  Being with them sharing our memories of Jerry helped me to cope. I am fortunate to know them.

Although in our later years we have been seperated by these many miles, we remained best friends.  Like I said before, you only get one friend like that in a lifetime


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