In Memory

Dale Geibel

From:  Bob Gadach

With deep sadness to let everyone know we lost Dale this am after a long battle with that terrible illness cancer. He was a Great guy, husband and father. So many memories, stories and tons of laughs! I am sure he is in a better place and not suffering any longer!!! Will miss you buddy!!!

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12/24/18 09:37 AM #1    

Shelley Brown

So sad...Dale was my first boyfriend...that was 8th grade at Leslie Jr. High. He was so funny... My thoughts and prayers go to Tammy and their family.  Shelley

12/24/18 11:19 AM #2    

Tom Thornton

Dale was truly a great fun many memories.  Lucky to have him as a classmate and friend.

Much love to you and your family Tammy.  Tom

12/24/18 01:18 PM #3    

Craig Poole

So sorry Tammy and family. So many great times and memories with that guy. We have lost a good one. 

12/24/18 06:20 PM #4    

Bob LeTourneux

Just last month, a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving our paths crossed again by chance, and Dale greeted me with his unmistakeable gregarious guffaw and grin. Although he seemed hobbled somewhat with bundled up clothing, and fingerless gloves on hands holding a cane, his spirit seemed hale and hearty, as we clapped each other on the back and traded jests and jive.... It seems so dark a thought to realize that even brief encounters shall be no more.

Dale and I grew up as neighbor kids and 'best friends' in our small world of back-yards that joined each other's houses - mine on Waldo Ave, and his on Wildwind. I knew vaguely his brother Bill, as a much distant and 'elder' stranger, and his (at that time tiny) younger brother Alan. But it was Dale and I that shared many daring escapades, tearing through the neighbor's yards (and houses?!) back in the 50's, as all kids did (sans malice or mischief), when nobody locked their doors, and "boudaries" seemed like they were just something out of reach, like dreaming of walking someday on the moon. I will always remember those summer days of youth, to run so fast in you new Keds it felt like you could fly, if you could just get the rythm right, and footfalls to time with your heartbeat on that one final jump! To wake up to early Saturday sunlight, and dash out to the empty fields in back of Anderson's house, in that first gust of spring breeze in the morning, and to be the very first kid to get your kite up!  A beacon and signal in the sky that could be seen by all the neighborhood kids, who would then come running out with their kites too (and then to charge all the girls a nickle to get their kites up in that empty blue canvass, yearning for their own Pirate and Sword to place their brand in the sky). To sway with the wind, and imagine yourself barely tethered to this world, seeking that gentle pull of  freedom, to soar like that bird held captive in your heart.

I know that Dale has finally made it there, greenest grass below, bluest skies above, joy at last in being set free from earthly bonds.  Godspeed, good friend.

Bob LeTourneux

12/25/18 10:52 AM #5    

Robert Curtis

A fantastic guy - best described as "jovial" - combined with that trademark laugh. Always flipping people crap - in a fun way, I was a prime target at every encounter with the man. He was one of the first people that I met from Leslie when we started our sophomore year at South. He and Steve Murray were the first two people in our class to get their drivers license in October. This made them both INSTANTLY popular with everyone. Soon after that.....he began to hang, almost exclusively, with his best buddy Steele Wiles, and they were inseperable until Steele's death in February 1967. The day after....Dale led an army of us (organized at the Arctic Circle) up to the Wiles' house - where he personally delivered flowers to Mrs. Wiles. He handled the loss of his friend with great strength and seemed to help stabilize the situation for everyone else. He was also best buddys with the infamous Mr. Charles P. Bello. He managed to hang with Charlie regularly - without getting totally involved with Charlies's mischief and craziness. Also helped keep him somewhat "contained". Another buddy through the years was Tim Elfstrom ( his main fishing buddy) - who he referred to as the "coot". Dale was also famous for attaching names to everyone - and he called me "arrow" - a name given to me our senior year by Nick Cloyd. This continued forever. Dale and Tammie got married soon after High School (1971) and he went to work for Tammies father at Marion Auto Service and worked there virtually his entire adult life until it closed. In the mid seventies - when we were all playing softball, Dale played for 2 teams = Marion Auto service and the Can Can room (where we all used to hang out). He did not appear to be built for speed - but was EXTREMELY  FAST on the bases and was a good overall player (catcher). He loved hanging out with the guys and drinking beer. He was at virtually EVERY party / function I ever attended - starting in H.S. . This continued into adulthood. Starting in the early 80"s - The Geibels hosted a LEGENDARY Christmas party at their house. This lasted for over 20 years. It was the greatest get together ever - as there were probably 50 or more of our classmates every year. Everyone looked forward to this opportunity to catch - up and re-connect. Dale was very much part of our H.S. party crowd. Whether it be skiing at Hoodoo or in Bend (took many trips with him), partys at Ron Wiebe's river lot, or our MANY trips to the beach, Dale was ALWAYS there!  Summing it all up be around Dale was  simply.... "fun".



12/28/18 10:40 AM #6    

Dale Geibel

I wanted to thank you all for the kind words about Dale.  The tributes are very touching. He was blessed with so many friends and I find comfort that I am surrounded by that love. I have so many great memories that fil my heart.  Thanks again.  Tammie

12/30/18 04:12 PM #7    

Kathy Mason

So sad to hear this news.  I met Dale on my first day at McKinley Elementary where we were deskmates in 4th grade.  From there we traversed through Leslie Jr. High and onto SSHS.  I will always remember Dale as a sweet rascal, whose laughter was contagious and whose smile could light up a room.  Rest in Peace.  Condolences and love to Tammie, his lifelong companion.

01/01/19 06:02 PM #8    

Alan Burke

I know that many have passed on from our group of graduates that I never commented on. Some friends from back then. But I need to comment on Dale. I didn't know Dale very well and was not part of his group but we did have mutal friends. When I read that Dale had passed a very real sense of sorrow past through me. Just memories of Dale is all that I have and not many after HS as most of us went our own ways. Maybe Curtis said it best, just the presents of Dale, in the hallways with his unmistakable smile and laugh. 

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